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Can you imagine something more relaxing than sitting in your garden chair and sipping a cup of tea? I know you can’t. There is nothing more satisfying than relaxing and enjoying the ambiance of your favorite lawn. But, certain things can ruin your mood. It is due to the problems that arise from wooden furniture.

What kind of furniture is kept on the lawn?

We all love to keep wooden furniture in the garden to sit back and relax our weekend mornings. Wooden furniture is an excellent choice for your garden as it can be held all day in the garden, and the maintenance is also easy. Subsequently, this wooden outdoor patio furniture is more expensive than the others sue to its build-up quality.

mordern Wooden furniture

We all have wooden furniture inside our house. Wooden furniture is considered best for household use as it has deficient maintenance. Nowadays, the designers consider wooden materials while interior designing rather than using glass or other materials. It is because wooden materials are less sensitive and are less prone to getting damaged. Nowadays, most of the home decor ideas are based on wooden furniture due to their accessibility and cost-effectiveness. There are various types of wood used for making houses, shops, and many other things that include:

  • Maple

Maple is one of the hardest and most favored types of wood found in areas near to lakes.

  • Oak

Oak is considered durable and easy to maintain; these are found primarily in the USA.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo are Eco-Friendly and readily available. It is found in Antarctica and has an excellent tensile strength

  • Cherry

Cherry is one of the most polished and beautiful looking wood. They are found in the USA and are the long-lasting type of wood.

 But due to certain conditions, your favorite wooden furniture can be hampered. The weather change can harm your furniture. Constant use of the furniture can ruin its polish; various pests can also damage your furniture. There are different kinds of insects that can destroy your favorite wooden furniture.

These conditions are manageable nowadays. There is a room full of stuff present in the market that can help you cope with this situation. Apart from using chemical things, you can increase your wooden furniture’s shelf life in the lawn by following specific steps regularly:

  1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the wooden material should be done to keep it safe from dust and other allergens.

  1. Applying Sand

If you see that your furniture is losing color from it, then clean it first. Once you are done cleaning, and then apply sand to remove the hardened paint remains.

  1. Polishing

One of the essential things to restore or increase your wooden material’s life is to polish it regularly. You must apply polish once in a week to ensure that the weathering cannot harm your furniture from outside.

  1. Primer Treatment

Another important thing is to apply a primer to your wooden furniture. This primer can protect your furniture from the water droplets that can enter in your furniture while painting.

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