How to make Garden Furniture out of Pallets?

Bring a new and rugged feel to your outdoor furniture. When it comes to garden furniture, the options are endless. You can purchase furniture in various shapes and sizes. But, very few possibilities fit according to your space. Sometimes the furniture can be a bit too large or congested as per your garden area. You can construct your furniture by yourself by a few simple steps. Here we will discuss a few ideas on how you can make garden furniture by incorporating pallets.

Pallets furniture

Selecting Pallets

Pallets are nothing but wooden structures used to transfer goods in cargo. Pallets help in transporting goods as they keep the items safe from breaking. Visit your nearest stores and look for whole pallets. You can purchase two or three good pallets that would help you in designing your patio furniture.


Cut the pallet

Now, if you want to make a sofa set using pallets, then take a measuring tape and put marks on the pallets. With the help of a pencil, put marks on the pallet as per your requirements. Use an electric saw to cut the marked regions.


Join two pallets

Place a pallet on the ground then put the second pallet on it. Then use drills to insert holes on the four corners of the piece. Make sure to drill holes deep enough so that both the pallets are intact and not lose. This section will be the seating part of the sofa.


Join the side part

Cut the side pieces of the sofa. These pieces will be the parts where the person will rest their arms. Attach these pieces of the pallet by drilling holes in them. Now you will require strong screws. After inserting the screws, tighten them so that the entire structure becomes firm and sturdy. Repeat the same process on the other side, and now your armrests are ready.


Attach the back part

Now cut a piece of pallet that, according to you, is sufficient for the pack part. Hold the structure firmly and join the back piece to the structure. With the help of a drill and some screws, attach all the parts. If you have leftover or spare pieces of wood, then fill in the gaps with them.


Sand the structure

Use a sander for sanding the frame. You must ensure that the wood is smooth as a rough surface can cause injuries. Look for fragments and finish the process until the surface becomes smooth. You can also remove some extra unnecessary pieces of wood.


Add cushions on the frame

Select the apt cushions as per your preference. Now place the cushions on the structure, and you are good to go, this will be the basic structural design.

You can modify the idea and include more objects as well. You may also change the shape of the initial structure giving it a reclining height. Opportunities are endless. This idea was the design for a sofa, but you can build chairs, swings and go for many more home décor ideas for your garden.

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