How to design your apartment to be unique?

If you are someone who has a keen eye for aesthetics and loves anything that is unique in its own sense and yet, is incredibly pleasing to the eyes then we are certain that the thought of resorting to a modern home design must have crossed your mind. Most people are of the opinion that if you do not have a home of your own, and simply live in an apartment, you cannot make it look solitary. However, we would beg to differ. At the end of the day, it isn’t the structure and architecture of the house that grants it the character; it is essentially its décor.

Having said that, if you too want to start out on a journey of introducing a few changes in your interior design styles to enhance its appearance and make it stand out from the rest, then here’s our guide that will help you achieve just what your heart desires!

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Modern apartment design tips

  • The base style

If you refer to images of homes that are popular because of their modern designs, you will be able to spot one common string that links all of them; and that is a minimalist and suave style. No matter how many styles you choose to blend together it is the grounding style that will create the difference. Be mindful of the rudimentary elements, and try not to go overboard with the designs.

  • Pay heed to the dimensions

The most important thing that you must bear in mind is that the appliances and hardware fitted in your home should correspond with the dimensions of the apartment and they should be positioned in such a way that makes your house like a cozy space. Be precise with every little detail because even the slightest glitch can amplify in size and compel your home décor ideas to fall flat on their faces.

  • Plan storage

The last thing that you would want is to gradually fill the open space available in your house (that was initially planned to improve its appeal) with innumerable objects. Therefore, to formulate a win-win situation, be careful about the storage space when fabricating a design.

  • The lighting should be in place

Believe it or not, the lighting of your apartment can play an influential role in changing the entire game. The color on the walls and size of the room can appear different under distinct lighting. For instance, if you install mirrors and metallic items in your home, they will readily reflect light and brighten up the space like it’s nobody’s business!

What is trending?

Speaking from a standpoint of experience, we have curated a list of four items that, according to us, are trending in the realms of modern home décor.

  • Color blocking and zoning– Color blocking works best for small apartments that need to accommodate distinct functional zones within a limited space.
  • Open-plan layout– Areas that can flow freely from one into another can induce the feeling of a more cohesive space and at the same time, make the room look bigger than it already is.
  • Sliding doors– Sliding doors are not only practical but, also a great addition to accentuate the contemporary statement of your home.

Layering– Be mindful of the seven layers of interior designing which are ceiling and walls, upholstered furniture, non-upholstered furniture, flooring, accent fabrics, lighting, and accessories, and wall art.

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