How to conduct a UX audit?

User experience – the key to your success!

Several years ago no one even heard about user experience, now it’s one of the most significant aspects of successful digital products. A Website and a mobile app don’t need to be just visually stunning, it must be, above all, functional, intuitive and user-centric. With that in mind, you will achieve great success and meet all your desired business goals. If you feel that your digital product needs to be improved, one of the best ways is to conduct a professional UX audit which will indicate all the weak points of your website or mobile app and will indicate how to improve it.

UX audit

What is a UX audit?

There are many web development companies and freelance UX experts that offer professional UX audit of websites and mobile applications. What is included in such an audit and, what’s even more important, what are the steps on conducting such an audit? First of all, it is crucial to check business and user objectives – this stage will give you a general idea of what your business needs to achieve the anticipated success. Next, it is worth checking the most important parameters and metrics, verify usability and customer journey. The last stage is to prepare a report with the most important UX recommendations and best practices.

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