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The home décor trends keep on changing every year. People are always eager to experiment with the hottest interior design styles to add more value to their house. Recent surveys show that home designs are moving into a new direction. The colors are not just part of décor anymore; rather, the selection shows your feelings and emotions. People these days are picking up moodier hues that work like a retreat for their home.

If you are looking for some unique color trends in home décor 2020; we advise you to check below ideas to make a stunning selection:

Dark colors are capturing more attention:

You are already aware of the fact that gray, white and beige belong to the neutral color category. But the latest color trends reveal that even darker colors have also joined the squad. As per the new survey, more than 66% of home designers polled in favour of the black as a new neutral tone; however, 44% voted for sage green and 42% preferred navy blue. If you are looking for something bold and pigmented, black can be a new addition to the list.

Home Decor 2020

Generation based color choices:

As generation Z is getting into home décor projects, you can expect to see brighter colors on the premises. Almost 26% of the designers revealed that the younger generation is more in love with bright; they are likely to choose orange or yellow hues for their rooms. However, the older generations still love to enjoy traditionally natural appeal with beiges and white as the top choice. On the other side, people who belong to Gen Z. Millennials love to settle for bolder colors such as purple or blue.

Beige is the new queen:

Over the past few years, several shades of grays have started appearing on the walls. The interior designers reveal that beige has become another important addition to wall pain trends. Most of the people prefer to add this color to their dining room to get a classic neutral look with sophisticated appeal. In addition to beige, you will find more natural wood colors in the room; they lead to a soothing and soft appeal.

Trending colors for specific areas:

Most of the interior designers reveal that people these days are likely to experiment with trendy colors in the smallest portion of the house. The most preferred areas are bathrooms. As per the recent survey, 17% of people picked living room for trying trending colors whereas 15% decided to go ahead with the bedroom area; however, 10% choose the dining room. Many others preferred considering bathroom for the trending color ideas.

No matter whether you are decorating your modern house design are trying to renovate the old house; it is always good to be careful about color selection. You should choose bold and trending colors for indoor as well as outdoor appeal. You could even think of creating unique combinations of darker and brighter color tones to impress the world.

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