All you need to know about loft interior

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, loft style can be treated as a subset of urbanization as they refer to apartments that are constructed from pre-existing industrial buildings. The true essence of this interior design style lies in the fact that they make way for spaces that do not require as many partitions. To be precise, the loft interior is synonymous with the minimalist style which is both elegant and eloquent at the same time. The idea is to seamlessly amalgamate opposing elements under the same roof; for instance, wooden and glass furniture.

What is the loft interior style all about?

What distinguishes loft style from the other variants of contemporary designs is that it truly reverberates with the designing principles of the 21st century. If you analyze the modern home décor trends carefully, you will notice that most of them are characterized by the common virtue of simplicity and cleanliness. Gone are those when extravagant colors, hardware, bathroom fittings, and furniture were the talk of the town. Considering the humungous pool of options available out there in the market and the way interior designers are acing the game, we can assure you that the only recourse that can prove beneficial to make heads turn is resorting to austere designs like loft interior.

loft home decor

Loft interiors welcome flaws in finishing in an age that is obsessed with perfection! There is a sense of spontaneity about the whole thing; therefore, implying that restricted structures can meddle with the whole concept of the loft.

The primary features of loft style

  • The first and the most glaring feature of loft interior is its industrial past that still carefully preserves the vintage ambiance of the place. The brick walls, wooden floors, pipes, bare columns, and ventilation system sum up to fabricate the charm that loft interior is all about.
  • Loft interior has about very little or no partition at all; it is an open space that amplifies inclusiveness and ditches the notion of reserving specific demarcations for varied purposes. If there has to be separate zones, they are split through lighting, texture, and color. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to establishing firmer segregations that can be done with the help of glass walls that commonly do not mingle with the house design.
  • As far as the furniture of the style is concerned, they are both minimalist and multi-functional as you can divide the space of your apartment by just switching their positions. The only thing that you will have to bear in mind is that the furniture should correspond with the dimensions of the space. Other than that, you can pair loft furniture with literally anything under the sun starting from fur cushions, stainless steel chairs, synthetic fabric, or even plastic.
  • Needless to say, loft interior calls to be rendered with huge windows and high light ceilings because the rooms require a lot of light throughout the day. For nighttime, you can have one of the four walls colored with a hue that will reflect more light and make the space look as bright as expected.

More about loft interior

Loft interior existed in the domain of home décor since the 20th century and the term was first coined in New York. Back in the time, artists preferred renting the buildings of old industries that were no longer in use as they had low rental prices yet, offered large spaces. Towards the end of the 1950s, loft flats became a symbol of elitism; only the royal families were able to afford them. Nevertheless, in the present day, this style is associated more with a lifestyle than the interior.

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