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Do you have a hotel or Airbnb, and you want to make sure that your beautiful interiors can get you more bookings and lead to guests leaving better reviews from their stays? Or maybe you have a private project, and you want to use the knowledge of someone with experience? Find some help with all of these challenges and create a space that will keep on surprising you in the best ways.

Some people specialize in Scandinavian design and Feng Shui. I know that these two branches may seem not compatible at first, but trust me, they are. There are times when a complete redesign of the space is not needed – a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference. Other projects are more time and effort consuming, but the right person can help you with any of them. You may even want to use the advice of a Feng Shui consultant online.

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Feng Shui Services and Consultation

How can you get in touch with a Danish interior designer and use those services? I’m well aware that clients who may want to seek my help can live in various places around the world. That is why some professionals offer online interior design advice as well. All you need to meet with one is an internet connection and a little bit of your time, so you can talk without interruptions. You can choose an option that is tailored to your individual situation! If you want to get some Scandinavian design tips or get constructive feedback on your layout, you can pick a 360º Design Audit. During this 90 minutes online session, you will be able to ask about easy and quick ideas on how to re-organise your space. The professionals share their impressions as a Feng Shui consultant and give you tips for optimizing the area and making it more inviting.

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Online Interior & Landscape Design Advice

Full Design Package is a service prepared for clients who want to work on big projects and need expertise not only regarding getting interior and landscape design advice but also in budgeting, material sourcing, construction drawing, and concept design. 

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