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Discover the beauty of stone wall cladding

Do you want to introduce to your interiors a good dose of elegance? Or maybe you prefer spicing up the exterior of your house? No matter what your goal is, stone cladding can be a stunning addition to almost any design as it’s not only a stylish but highly durable material. What are its most popular uses? Let’s find out!

What do you have to know about external stone cladding systems?

Stone cladding is one of the very few materials that are resistant to a long list of damaging external factors such as heat, rain, wind, snow, hail, and moisture. It can also withstand intense UV rays and rapid temperature changes. As a result, it is very often used outdoors. Exterior stone cladding can cover the walls of a building or serve as flooring on a terrace or balcony. Often, it’s also added on countertops in outdoor kitchens or around fireplaces. Some homeowners use it to highlight the architectural style of the building, choosing specially designed stone window reveals, sills, doorways, quoins etc. Of course, stone wall cladding can be mixed with other popular materials, including brick, wood and metal, which allows you to develop projects with several of those materials at the same time.

Stone cladding for interiors

It is worth noting that stone is no longer a purely architectural material, which means that it can be seen as often indoors as outdoors. Homeowners can use it in various areas – it can add elegance to the living room and kitchen or bring a sense of luxury to the bathroom or dining room. The massive appeal of interior stone cladding comes from the fact that it’s available in so many options. Clients can choose from different types of stone as well as hundreds of colours, sizes, textures and finishes. As a result, finding something that perfectly matches the style of your design shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, cladding is a popular choice not only for residential buildings but many public and private ones too. Hotels, offices, shopping centres, galleries, museums and restaurants are just a few places where the usage of interior and exterior stone cladding is gaining popularity.

how to choose stone cladding

How to choose the perfect stone wall cladding?

Selecting the right type of stone for your needs is a necessary step if you want it to last for decades in great shape. If you need exterior stone cladding, reach for sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, quartz or slate, as these types are known to be the most durable ones. Indoors you can use the same stones as outside, but pay extra attention to spaces where there’s a lot of potential for stains from liquids and salts. That includes mainly the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. In those places, you should install types of stones that are less porous and won’t absorb potentially staining liquids as quickly. Of course, both indoor and outdoor stone wall cladding should be regularly sealed to prolong its lifespan and beauty.

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