Arborist baskets – the Tool Carrying Element

Many items are essential to the work of arborists. Specialist baskets are one of them. These unique products are the foundation of safety and efficiency when working at height for tree professionals. Let’s find out why arborist baskets are an essential item in every arborist’s toolkit.

What exactly are arborist baskets?

Arborist baskets, also known as tree baskets, are special items that allow arborists to carry and hold tools at considerable heights. They are mounted on ladders, winches or cranes, allowing free movement and work in trees.

arborist baskets

Why are arborist baskets essential for arborists?

The safety of the arborist is an absolute priority. Arborist baskets provide a stable platform in which the worker can easily hold the items necessary for work. In this way, they are protected from damage or falling from a great height.

With arborist baskets, the arborist has easy access to all their essential tools. They can carry the tools, eliminating the need to climb up and down multiple times. This significantly contributes to the speed of work and its efficiency. It is


Arborist baskets are a key piece of equipment for any arborist. They are a guarantee of safety and efficiency when working at height, allowing easy and chic access to the most important tools.

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