What Is AI Predictive Modeling, and How Can It Help Scale Business Processes?

Nowadays, staying ahead of one’s competitors requires data-driven decisions. One way to predict future outcomes is by using AI predictive modeling. What is it, and how can organizations use it to their advantage? Keep reading!

What is artificial intelligence predictive modeling?

AI predictive modeling is a form of artificial intelligence that uses data mining and probability to forecast or estimate more specific outcomes in the future. Typically, the models are built using historical data, and the predictions are based on the relationships between different variables in that data. The models can be used for A/B tests for various scenarios, or to simply predict the likelihood of a certain outcome.

AI predictive modeling for business

How can organizations use AI predictive modeling to achieve their goals?

There are many ways in which organizations can benefit from AI predictive modeling. For example, it is a cornerstone of the predictive marketing software developed by Put It Forward, which is an advanced solution for optimizing marketing and sales campaigns. With intent prediction data delivered by the tool, organizations can provide their key customers with truly personalized experiences and thus increase conversion rate.

The takeaway

With predictive modeling, organizations can understand their customers better, improve engagement, and achieve business goals. Visit the Put It Forward website to learn more about the solution that uses AI predictive modeling as its cornerstone.

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