ux writing - what is it

What Is UX Writing?

Have you ever heard about user experience writing? It’s a must if you want to build a digital product that will meet the expectations of users and will bring tangible benefits to your business. What is UX writing and why does it matter? Keep reading!

UX writing – what is it?

Are you wondering what is UX writing? In the simplest terms, UX writing is designing all kinds of content that people will encounter while using a website or a mobile app, to ensure that they have positive experiences. Speaking of content, however, we don’t just mean the elaborate texts that can be found in such tabs as “Company History” or “About Us”.

UX writing refers to the entire content that appears on the website – also the content that usually doesn’t draw users’ attention at first. This may be:

  • buttons
  • labels
  • instructions
  • descriptions
  • titles

and more. Now, when you know what is UX writing, it’s time to discuss its importance.

what is ux writing

Why is UX writing important?

Knowing what is UX writing isn’t enough to succeed. It’s also crucial to incorporate it. Using UX writing shortens the distance between the user and the company Comprehensible and attractively written content is perceived positively by people which encourages them to visit our website or use the app again.

The takeaway

Trends indicate that the UX aspects of websites will become more and more important to Google, and users. Thus, if you want to rank high in the search results, and attract new potential customers, it’s worth knowing what is UX writing.

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