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What Is the Role of a Product Owner. Daily Scrum Meetings

Some clients are wondering whether product owners are welcome to attend daily Scrum meetings. And, while their concern for their digital products is admirable, the answer to that question is more complicated. So, what is the correlation product owner – daily Scrum? Keep reading!

Scrum meetings – what are they?

A daily scrum or standup meeting is a very short, daily meeting that, to keep things simple, takes place at the same time (usually in the morning) and in the same place. Many teams try to finish this meeting within 15 minutes, but this is only a guideline. It is also sometimes called a “daily standup”, which emphasizes its short duration. The purpose of the daily scrum is to keep all team members informed, make sure they are working towards the sprint goal, and plan activities for the next 24 hours.

But, what’s the connection between a product owner – daily Scrum?

product owner daily scrum

Product owner – daily Scrum

Are you wondering whether a product owner and daily Scrum are a good idea? Not really! The meetings are dedicated to the team and are supposed to be used to discuss the project progress, and brainstorm. Product owner on a daily Scrum can only stress the developers.

The takeaway

Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Agile Coach may be at the meeting without actively participating. Therefore, to solve the dilemma product owner – daily Scrum, we can state that these meetings aren’t dedicated to such professionals!

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