What Is Data Integration Automation and What Are the Benefits?

Integrating data from numerous sources can be challenging, and time-consuming, especially in large organizations. Fortunately, this is when data integration automation comes in handy, and allows organizations to reduce human efforts, and save lots of resources. What exactly is it and how can it benefit organizations?

Data integration automation – what is it?

In a nutshell, data integration automation is the process of automating data integration, and non-routine tasks, so that they’re performed without human intervention.

With the use of data integration automation software, organizations can streamline the data integration, ingestion, management, migration, extraction, and transformation processes.

data integration automation

Top benefits of data integration automation

There are many reasons why it’s worth investing in data integration automation tools. This step allows organizations to:

  • connect cloud and on-premise systems, and applications in the organization,
  • build controllable data infrastructure,
  • automate data workflows,
  • obtain high quality data without gaps, issues, and human errors,
  • improve the effectiveness of collaboration between multiple departments,
  • improve customer experience,
  • provide employees with easy and immediate access to data,
  • streamline decision-making thanks to actionable insights.

Data integration automation tools, such as the solution offered by Put It Forward, support organizations wanting to become data-driven. Business leaders wishing to reduce their time to perform non-routine tasks should definitely consider this option.

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