brick cladding

What is brick cladding and where to use it?

Passing between different houses, we can notice that many of them are made of bricks. However, at first glance it is hard to tell whether it is a real brick block or brick tiles. The appearance is very similar, but in use they differ a lot. Read the article and find out what are the benefits of using brick cladding.

Brick cladding definition

Brick cladding is a light and thin wall, which is attached to the main wall of the building. It serves primarily two functions – protective and decorative. Brick cladding was created in response to the large area occupied by the brick blocks in the construction of buildings. Their use allows you to save space, while still maintaining the natural appearance of brick masonry.

brick cladding

What are the benefits of using brick cladding?

First of all it’s light and really easy to install. Anyone who just shows the willingness to learn can do that. Second thing is that brick cladding is durable and has long product life. It’s done with real clay, so it’s quite similar to the normal bricks. It’s also weather-resistant, so it protects your home’s exterior from deterioration. Using it around the fireplace will be suitable not only for visual reasons but also because it is fire resistant. Moreover, compared to ordinary brick blocks it is cheap and easier to maintain.

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