pillars of scrum

What Are the Three Pillars of Scrum?

Scrum has been gaining increasing popularity among digital product developers who are looking for an efficient and effective way to bring their solutions to the market. What are the three pillars of scrum and how can you use them to your advantage? Keep reading!

Scrum – what is it?

The term scrum is used in reference to a potent set of values, practices, and principles. In a nutshell, it’s about operating with cross-functional teams that are supposed to work together to develop products and services in cycles. This allows companies to quickly obtain feedback and determine areas for improvement. All this to ensure that the end version of the digital product meets the expectations of users and customers. So, what are the three pillars of scrum?

what are the three pillars of scrum

The three pillars of scrum

What are the three pillars of scrum? The list includes:

  • transparency, which facilitates the process of making informed decisions,
  • inspection, which ensures that all team members work together to review the test product versions and deliver cutting-edge solutions,
  • adaptation, which makes it possible to tailor the digital product to the actual needs and expectations of users.

The takeaway

As you already know what are the three pillars of scrum, you can move on to implementing this methodology in your workplace. Thanks to it, your team will quickly deliver digital products tailored to the expectations of users.

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