benefits of mct oil

What are the benefits of MCT oil?

Increasingly, studies are showing that there are benefits of MCT oil intake. We are also seeing an increased supply of this product on the market as a dietary supplement for athletes and people with increased physical activity. If you want to learn more about this fat, read the article below!

What is MCT oil?

MCT oil is a fat that is classified as a medium-chain fatty acid. This oil is distinguished from other saturated acids by the way it is absorbed and by its properties. They are absorbed from the intestinal epithelium and then carried by a vein straight to the liver. Nowadays, MCT oil is a dietary supplement that enriches the work of our body, especially during increased physical exertion.

mct oil benefits

Benefits of MCT oil

There is still a lack of certain arguments and solid studies that show definite benefits of MCT oil consumption. Nonetheless, after several different studies have already been conducted, some trends can be seen that point to the positive effects of using this oil. This is, for example, an increase in energy and stamina for those who participate in sports. In other cases, there is also talk of lowering cholesterol and weight loss. MCT oil according to some increases the feeling of satiety, so we can control how much we eat.

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