most polluted cities in europe

The most polluted cities in Europe in 2020/2021

2020 was really surprising year. We’ve never thought that our lives can change so immediately. During the pandemic, some places improve the quality of the environment, but it doesn’t mean that the pollution problem on our planet disappear. There were still cities where the level of contamination was high. If you are interested, in which places were the most polluted cities in Europe, check out this article!

3 most polluted cities in Europe

The problem with air pollution is not something new, but it is certainly a very complex phenomenon. It is influenced by many factors, and it is difficult to talk about one major one here. Indeed, the industry is the one that contributes the most damage here. For this reason, it is often, that the industrial cities have the worst situation. In 2020, the most polluted cities in Europe were:

  1. Kraków – this place is located in a valley, with very industrial areas in the vicinity. For this reason, a great deal of smog is deposited here. In addition, in Poland, a lot of pollution comes from the outskirts of cities where thermal energy is generated by burning coal.
  2. Vidin – industry plays by far the largest role in this city. For this reason, pollution there occurs virtually all the time.
  3. Milano – the region in which this city is located is also industrial. Here, however, air pollution is high in every season due to its location between mountains, which makes air flow difficult.

most polluted cities in europe

Effects of air pollution

As we probably know, the negative effects of air pollution are many. First of all, it affects the development of respiratory and circulatory diseases in humans. In addition, it can cause allergies and malaise. Certainly, there are no positive effects of this phenomenon here, and that’s why we should fight with that.

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