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Top Quantitative Research Methods That Make a Difference

Today it’s hard to imagine our lives without quantitative research. Which options are the most beneficial and which methods should you choose? Keep reading to discover answers to these and other questions!

Quantitative research – what is it?

Contrary to other forms, quantitative research focuses on specific behaviors and motivations of users which make it possible to obtain subjective data. Thanks to this data, researchers are able to discover emerging issues or opportunities, understand the priorities of the target group and determine why recipients are behaving in a given way. All this to make informed decisions.

 quantitative research

Top methods

Thanks to quantitative research, we obtain data from various sources, such as tools or instruments. Among available methods, it’s worth mentioning:

  • Web analytics tools like Google Analytics,
  • Surveys analyzing specific needs and expectations of respondents,
  • Card sorting options,
  • Desirability studies,
  • Tree testing solutions,
  • A/B testing options,
  • Usability tests,
  • Heatmaps,

And many more.

The takeaway

Thanks to qualitative research, it’s possible to obtain accurate data on user behavior which allows businesses to make better decisions tailored to the actual expectations of their target groups. If you’re fed up with constant guesses, and your strategy doesn’t do its job, it may turn out that qualitative research is the element that may take your activities to the next level!

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