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When the sun is out and the outdoors are calling you, it is time for you to lend your backyard a fresh look. The year has given us more challenges than ever and made us confined to our houses. To spruce up the summer months without going out, you can upgrade your backyard with brilliant selections of patio furniture and enjoy the vibrant, sunny days right from your home.

The Basics of Patio Designs

When choosing patio furniture for your home decor ideas, there are two most important factors that play an extremely significant role. These include location and space.

  • Location: Your location indicates the type of weather conditions in your area and the elements that your furniture would be exposed to. If your location has a tropical weather condition, all-weather wicker and powder-coated aluminum furniture would be best suited for their water-resistant properties. Even in a salty environment, all-weather wicker effectively cuts the maintenance cost and time. On the other hand, heavy furniture frames are best suited for an unenclosed and windy weather type.
  • Space: Having a clear measurement of the shape and size of your space is a chief element in choosing interior design styles as well as outdoor designs. Sufficient walking space should be considered while tallying the sizes of your space and the furniture. Having substantial space will allow you to select a generously sized seating arrangement. Nowadays, limited space also provides countless home decor ideas.

pallet Patio Furniture

Materials and Construction of Patio Furniture

Quality and durability are depended on the construction method and materials.

  • Wicker: Traditionally aesthetic wicker material now comes in all-weather resin that can withstand wet weather conditions and is more durable than traditional wicker. A diverse range of styles and designs with realistic texture and tight weaves can be found.
  • Wood: Among a variety of wooden material, teak has exceptional weather-resistant properties. Teak has the characteristics of being sturdy, classy, and long-lasting. It also requires minimum care and maintenance.
  • Metal: Powder and aluminum-coated furniture frames offer excellent protection from rust and corrosion, making it a good choice for giving your garden an elevated look. Steel and wrought iron, even though provided a classic and modern look once, have lost its charm now due to being heavily prone to rust and erosion.

Cushion Materials for Patio Furniture

For ultimate relaxation and comfort, cushions are the key components. For outdoor furniture materials, you can choose cushions of easy-care fabrics and lasting materials that have the capability of withstanding the harsh weather elements.

Fabrics spun from polyester with a UV-protective coating dry quickly and are one of the inexpensive outdoor fabrics. The other factors that we must check for include color retention, and resistance to UV rays, moisture, staining, and mildew.

Style and Tips

A coordinated blend of color, texture, and pattern with your indoor design and lighting is to be maintained while choosing furniture for your outdoor areas. You can choose a neutral or patterned cushion harmonizing with the warm outdoor LED decorations.

With a medley of accessories, such as candles, cushions, plants, rugs, and accent tables, make your outdoor area an extension of your interior.

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