Virtual reality in business and education provided by Mazer platform

Firstly, you need to know what Mazer is. It is a virtual reality platform that allows companies or institutions to provide their employees with a virtual space to work, talk, meet or play. Depending on the needs, it is customized in terms of the appearance of the environment and functionality. Mazer is a step into the future, which seems to be not only fascinating but also effective.


Innovative business

Pandemic times have shown us that remote working is something we have been quick to embrace. However, online meetings, where you can only see part of your co-worker’s head or listen only to his voice, are not good for deepening social ties and for cooperation. Working remotely, it’s hard to see emotions. Mazer, however, is a great answer to this problem. Thanks to the visualization of employees, in which the whole character is shown, his gestures, mouth or head movements, we are more able to sense what emotions accompany our interlocutor.


Mazer for education

You already know more or less what using the platform for business is all about. For this reason, we can move on to education. Mazer is an innovative way to learn. Thanks to virtual reality, the teacher is able to move with his students to any place in the world. What’s more, he can also move back in time and take them on a virtual journey through the eras. All that is needed is for the platform to be adjusted accordingly, so that it has the ability to replicate earlier decades. The visualization of places can thus be tailored to meet the curricular needs of students and pupils.

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