lean and lean startup

Lean vs Lean Startup – Is There Any Difference?

Although the terms lean vs lean startup are frequently used interchangeably, it turns out that there are certain differences between them. Want to learn more? Keep reading our entry!

What is lean?

In a nutshell, lean manufacturing assumes that products should be flexible, simple, and user-friendly. It should also aim to constantly improve the product and its functionality.

What is lean startup?

So, what is the difference when talking about lean vs lean startup?

Lean startup is one of the most popular development methodologies that puts great emphasis on an entrepreneurial attitude, active management of the process, validated learning, innovation, and building an MVP (minimum viable product) product version.

When talking about lean vs lean startup, it’s crucial to mention that the latter one focuses on the market and the needs of users.

lean vs lean startup

Lean vs lean startup – top differences

Although the above-mentioned methodologies have a lot in common, there are a few key factors that make them stand apart.

The main two discrepancies between lean vs lean startup are:

  • lean startup focuses on the objective of the manufacturing process, whereas lean tries to manufacture better,
  • lean startup is more about user experiences and functionalities of the product, whereas lean is about resources necessary to bring the product to market.

The takeaway

Although the terms lean vs lean startup are frequently applied together, it’s worth mentioning that there are a few discrepancies that make their applications different.

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