what are digital creative agency services

What are digital creative agency services?

You probably have seen some companies offering digital creative agency services. What are these services, exactly? Keep reading!

Digital creative services – what are they?

First things first, let’s define what digital creative services are. As the name suggests, these are services offered by agencies specializing in digital creativity. As a rule of thumb, the services are b2b, not b2c. That is because digital creative services assist businesses and produce measurable results that are in line with business objectives.

Digital creative agency services can take a lot of forms. The list includes the following:

  • Brand storytelling;
  • Design of website and e-commerce;
  • Creation of online promotional campaigns;
  • Preparation of social media contests and other online engagement activities;
  • Creation of video strategy and production of video content;
  • Writing newsletters and other digital content;
  • Developing custom apps to take business messages online.

digital creative agency services

What companies offer digital creative agency services?

There is no strict rule as to what companies can or cannot offer digital creative services. However, it is worth noting that many marketing and branding agencies offer such services. There is nothing to be surprised about because they specialize in improving brand equity and awareness. Moreover, many branding activities are a part of marketing activities, even when they are more about being creative than strategic.

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