Achieve elegant look with brick cladding system

Bricks have been a popular material for improving the look of both interiors and exteriors for many years. Yet, not all spaces are compatible with the size and weight of traditional bricks. To address this issue, manufacturers across the world have developed alternative products to mimic the appearance and performance of authentic bricks. Let’s explore the various cladding brick systems that can enhance your projects as well.

Learn ins and outs of brick cladding

Is there a product that can be used instead of real bricks but still maintain all of its main benefits? Yes, brick cladding offers a mixture of the best parts of bricks and cladding, resulting in a versatile product that can be utilized for both interior and exterior wall cladding purposes. These thin brick slips are easy to install on walls, requiring less space than real bricks would. Although it is not a building material, brick cladding delivers similar benefits to traditional bricks. It’s incredibly durable and can withstand harsh external conditions, such as rain, wind, hail, and cold weather, which is why it’s often installed outdoors. Cladding bricks can also be used to add a stylish touch to the interior of your home, such as a chic fireplace finish, kitchen backsplash, or fun accent wall in a bedroom.

What kind of cladding should you select?

Internal and external brick cladding comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes, much like traditional bricks. Therefore, finding a suitable match for your home or apartment style shouldn’t be a difficult task. For those who prefer an old-fashioned look, reclaimed brick cladding is a fantastic option. On the other hand, those who prefer a more contemporary and elegant appearance can choose a version with a sleek surface and smooth finish.

The great news is that the brick cladding system can be installed with minimal disruption to the site, making it incredibly convenient for both interior and exterior applications. It’s also relatively easy to put on the wall, even for external use and does not necessitate the use of expensive and clunky scaffolding. Moreover, most people can install it on their own since the fixing process is much easier than that required for regular-sized bricks. Of course, that also drives down the costs of installing external or internal brick cladding and makes it a very affordable solution.

What to avoid while selecting brick cladding?

Opting for brick cladding can be an excellent choice if you want to cover your interior or exterior walls. However, it is essential to steer clear of plastic or foam imitations of this product. Despite appearing similar from a distance, a closer inspection reveals their low quality and fake appearance. These replicas are no match to brick cladding in terms of durability or resilience to external factors. To prevent the use of faux brick cladding, it is best to select established and reputable companies with a proven track record.


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